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Finally, The Caterpillar Lab has a YouTube channel! All of our videos from the past few years are uploaded and ready to view! Help us crawl across the web by visiting our new YouTube channel and subscribing and sharing some videos! You can find many of the same videos here on Facebook, but we are hoping that a YouTube presence will help us reach an ever larger audience. Enjoy! - Sam Jaffe TCL Director

Goldenrod Flower Caterpillar

The Goldenrod Flower Caterpillar, Schinia nundina, is just one member of a diverse and visually compelling genus of flower and seed eating caterpillars. Some Schinia flower caterpillars are expertly camouflaged against a floral backdrop, others resemble seed pods, and a few species display bright and contrasting warning coloration. My first experience with the Goldenrod Flower Caterpillar was an accidental one. A bouquet of cut flowers from a New England meadow delivered a few into my kitchen. "An expanse of white countertop Scattered across the surface are tiny black grains like spilled pepper. Looming above is a vase of cut flowers taken from an late summer field. Aster, joe-pye-weed, gol

Evening Primrose Caterpillar

CATERPILLAR OF THE WEEK continued: Another flower, another Schinia. This is the Evening Primrose Caterpillar, Schinia florida. They are remarkable mimics of primrose seed pods and will rest on the pods with their heads buried inside them while they feast on all the delicious innards. Most Evening Primrose Caterpillars are green with a reddish tinged front end, but I have encountered a handful of bright pink individuals in years when they are particularly plentiful. Schina florida goes through two or more generations each summer here in New England and will be present in most patches of roadside or trailside evening primrose. Even when they are plentiful, they can be really tough to spot. I f

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The Caterpillar Lab fosters greater appreciation and care for the complexity and beauty of our local natural history through live caterpillar educational programs, research initiatives, and photography and film projects. We believe that an increased awareness of one’s local environment is the foundation on which healthy and responsible attitudes towards the broader natural systems of this world is built.

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