January 4, 2016



CATERPILLAR OF THE WEEK: I have an ulterior motive for appointing the Luna Moth caterpillar (Actias luna) this week’s Caterpillar of the Week, which will be revealed in an upcoming spotlight on caterpillar anatomy. Spoiler alert: that post will involve prolegs—and yo...

December 14, 2015




CATERPILLAR OF THE WEEK: Because I’m struggling to think about anything besides my trip home for the holiday, I’m offering you another Christmassy critter this week, the Northern Apple Sphinx (Sphinx poecila).



December 8, 2015


CATERPILLAR OF THE WEEK: Festively colored for the holiday season, The Joker (Feralia jocosa) was destined to be featured in December.


The joker has two striking forms of camouflage in its life. As a caterpillar, i...