January 14, 2016


Our Caterpillar of the Week, Ashen Pinion (Lithophane antennata) has attracted lots of attention for its diet, which includes other caterpillars.


We’ve really appreciated our fans’ openness to learning about a caterpillar that can attack and eat other caterpillars. We...

December 8, 2015


CATERPILLAR OF THE WEEK: Festively colored for the holiday season, The Joker (Feralia jocosa) was destined to be featured in December.


The joker has two striking forms of camouflage in its life. As a caterpillar, i...

August 19, 2015


CATERPILLAR OF THE WEEK: King of the vegetable patch, scourge of the gardener, and one of my all-time personal favorite caterpillars, Manduca sexta - the Tobacco Hornworm.


This is the sphinx caterpillar that we find in our gardens, chowing down on our precious tomatoe...

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December 8, 2015