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NEW: Caterpillar Life History Guide

March 01, 2019

In the spring of 2019 we launched an ambitious project to present TCL founder Sam Jaffe's extensive library of native caterpillar, pupa, and moth photographs in a beautiful and information filled gallery format.  This project is in its infancy, so check back regularly to see our "Life History Guide to the Caterpillars of New England" grow and grow.  We are hoping to create a unique and valuable resource!  Current Project Updates:  March 21st 2019 - initial trial phase.  Refining gallery of Spilosomina tiger moths.  

TCL Videos and Supporting Materials

• All original material filmed at The Caterpillar Lab

• Dozens of video shorts covering a range of topics

• All stages of metamorphosis revealed in detail

• Feeding, parasitism, and defensive behaviors

• All videos are FREE and available to download

• Supporting materials for your lessons

• Video narratives, discussion questions and ideas

The Caterpillar Lab Original Materials

• The Caterpillar Lab data sheets and records

• The Caterpillar Lab curriculum and guides

• The Caterpillar Lab video narratives

• The Caterpillar Lab mission statement 

• Other original The Caterpillar Lab materials

Suggested Websites, Book Reviews, Published Works

• Links to important online resources

• Crucial identification, rearing, and teaching tools

• Suggested online groups and communities

• Photography and art links

• Research and citizen science links

• Our own online published materials

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