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Eastern Tent Caterpillar, Malacosoma americana

COMMENT CHALLENGE: Many will know the Eastern Tent Caterpillar as a pesky, hungry, scourge of backyard cherry and apple trees. But there is A LOT more to know and discover about these dynamic native caterpillars. Before posting comments about how much trouble they cause, take the time to read up on them and POST AN INTERESTING FACT or STORY instead! I'll add some notes to the comments if you folks don't get to it - but come on... impress us!

--- Time for a trip down memory lane. I will be posting the best videos from our 2016 season over the next few weeks. Did you have a favorite? Did any of our videos surprise you? Delight you? Disgust you? Convince you there was more to learn about caterpillars than you thought? Feel free to ask us questions, comment, or share these. Enjoy! ---

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