The Caterpillar Lab fosters greater appreciation and care for the complexity and beauty of our local natural history through live caterpillar educational programs, research initiatives, and photography and film projects. We believe that an increased awareness of one’s local environment is the foundation on which healthy and responsible attitudes towards the broader natural systems of this world is built.

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CATERPILLAR OF THE WEEK PART II:  Pistol Casebearer (Coleophora species)

May 10, 2017

Our pistol casebearers (Coleophora species) are more than just a pretty shell. Most of the time they appear as an unmoving growth on a twig, but gentle tickles with a paintbrush are enough to get these little guys moving and exploring for our camera.


Silk clearly plays a huge role in a casebearer's life, even beyond using it to create their mobile homes. The casebearers were quick to release silk and hang down when disturbed, and eagerly reinforce their ties to a twig perch when remaining in place for any amount of time.


I hope you enjoy this video of a hard to observe creature!


- Sam 









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December 8, 2015

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