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CATERPILLAR OF THE WEEK PART II:  Sicya macularia - Beautiful Pupa

If you thought our Sicya macularia caterpillar was beautiful, then check out their pupa!

During open hours last week, myself and three visitors were looking through our nursery when we saw something shimmering between some folded aspen leaves being held together by a thin layer of silk in our Sicya macularia habitat. When we investigated, we were all shocked to see this golden pupa! Since this is the first time we have reared this species at The Caterpillar Lab, and perhaps some of the first to EVER rear this species, we weren't sure what to expect. I think I LITERALLY jumped with joy when I saw it!

Seeing surprises like this always prompts so many questions. What's the benefit to having such uniquely reflective and almost unnatural coloring? Doesn't that make it more noticeable to predators?

What are your thoughts on why this pupa looks like a piece of jewelry?

-Jace Rearing Specialist & Outreach Educator

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