Woolly Bears and their Kin

of the New England Region 

Family:  Erebidae   

(tigers, tussocks, underwings, fruit piercers, litter moths) 

Subfamily:  Arctiinae   

(tiger moths, wasp moths, and lichen moths)

Tribe: Arctiini   

(tiger moths and the tiger moth tussocks)


Subtribe:  Spilosomina

(woolly bears and white tigers)

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Presented by Sam Jaffe and The Caterpillar Lab. 

The following resources were used in the creation of these galleries: 

• Samuel Jaffe original photographs and associated Life History Notes.

• David Wagner accounts from "The Caterpillars of Eastern North America"

Moth Photographer's Group range maps


Pyrrharctia isabella

Isabella Tiger Moth • Woollybear 


Estigmene acrea

Salt Marsh Tiger Moth 


Spilosoma virginica

Virginia Tiger Moth  •  Yellow Bear


Spilosoma congrua

Agreeable Tiger Moth