Woolly Bears and their Kin

of the New England Region 

Family:  Erebidae   

(tigers, tussocks, underwings, fruit piercers, litter moths) 

Subfamily:  Arctiinae   

(tiger moths, wasp moths, and lichen moths)

Tribe: Arctiini   

(tiger moths and the tiger moth tussocks)


Subtribe:  Spilosomina

(woolly bears and white tigers)

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Presented by Sam Jaffe and The Caterpillar Lab. 

The following resources were used in the creation of these galleries: 

• Samuel Jaffe original photographs and associated Life History Notes.

• David Wagner accounts from "The Caterpillars of Eastern North America"

Moth Photographer's Group range maps


Pyrrharctia isabella

Isabella Tiger Moth • Woollybear 


Estigmene acrea

Salt Marsh Tiger Moth 


Spilosoma virginica

Virginia Tiger Moth  •  Yellow Bear


Spilosoma congrua

Agreeable Tiger Moth


Hyphantria cunea

Fall Webworm 


Phragmatobia fuliginosa

Ruby Tiger Moth 


Phragmatobia assimilans 

Large Ruby Tiger Moth 


Hypercompe scribonia

Giant Leopard Moth 

Other New England Spilosomina species not yet represented here

• Spilosoma latipennis   (the Pink-legged Tiger) 

• Spilosoma dubia    (the Dubious Tiger)

Phragmatobia lineata (Lined Ruby Tiger)

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