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Who can identify this winsome caterpillar by its setae?

Wondering what the heck setae (pronounced see-tee) are? Setae is a scientific word for bristly hairs, usually used in reference to invertebrates. Although I think we humans should start calling our eyelashes and whiskers setae. It's a fun word!

Check out the setae in this picture and see if you can name the caterpillar. We bet most of you can. While you're at it, tell us a story about a favorite personal experience with this mystery species. We're confident that many of you have a story to share!

Later this week, we'll officially reveal the species, tell you how it's specially adapted to survive winter, and chat about how its winter survival strategies might interact with climate change in the future. Can't wait to learn more? Neither can we! Check in again soon.

-Liz Kautz, TCL Education Director

Each week (or at least SOME weeks!) The Caterpillar Lab features a "Caterpillar of the Week." Each featured caterpillar is a species we've raised at our lab in Keene, NH. We hope you enjoy meeting the caterpillars of New England!


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