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Inchworm moths

Behold! Inchworm moths in all their glory!

The diverse and wonderful moths of the family Geometridae are all too often written-off as commonplace, dingy, even boring, but this is far, FAR, from the truth of things. The nightly fluttering of scaled wings around a porch light may, at first glance, appear to only offer up mundane, nondescript little things. But a closer look is alway warranted. A closer look almost universally reveals creatures with the most beautiful, intricate patterning, flushes of unexpected color, blooms of tufted scales and curling hair, and elegance and apparent personality that would remain hidden, secret, from those who only afford them a casual glance.

This slideshow is a celebration of the geometrids - enjoy and share the lowly inchworm moth!

TCL Director, Sam Jaffe

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